RedAwning Announces Superhost Supercharge Program

November 16, 2023 - 

RedAwning, the only all inclusive marketing and hospitality platform for short term rentals, today announced significantly expanded and integrated communications and management capabilities designed to reward and accelerate results for great hosts, especially Airbnb Superhosts.  Plus, RedAwning will buy a new premium sound 4th generation Amazon Echo for any Superhost who goes live with RedAwning through the end of this year.

RedAwning is already a centralized multi-channel management platform that enables Superhosts to maintain their status, and these new capabilities ensure that those hosts can benefit from a wider range of added solutions seamlessly built in for all stays.  RedAwning maintains over 1,000 unique Airbnb accounts while other platforms combine many hosts into a single Airbnb account, making Superhost status impossible to maintain or achieve.  

The new RedAwning Smart Communications Hub supports streamlined communications with all guests across all marketing channels, enabling Superhosts to do what they do best, everywhere and all at once.

The Smart Communications Hub is available now and includes:

  • Centralized communications management from all methods to all methods and locations. This means hosts can send any message, from their email, mobile phone, or via the RedAwning Portal or the RedAwning mobile app, to any guest which will then appear in the guest’s Airbnb inbox, Vrbo inbox, inbox, email or text message and in their own RedAwning mobile app.  Guests and hosts can pick and choose their communication methods, or even combine multiple methods during their journey with complete threading of all communications with each guest. It’s universal messaging optimized for every channel and every methodology for every host and every guest.
  • Complete message automation for hosts, with customization of design and text for all of their standard messages, such as booking thank you, check in information, home guide, how’s it going, check out checklists, post stay thank you and more.  Plus hosts can create unlimited automated messages by property or for all of their properties, all triggered by book date, check in date, check out date or other settings.
  • Automatic conversion of PDF attachments to guarantee delivery even to channel inboxes that routinely block PDF attachments.

The Smart Communications Hub is a game changer for great hosts, but RedAwning is going to do even more to simplify high quality hospitality for all kinds of hosts with a coming release of additional automation integration for common IOT devices.  These will include:

  • Smart locks, with automatic setting of keycodes for guests, cleaners and other property providers.
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Hot Tubs & Pools
  • Smart lights
  • Other IOT devices for hospitality

“Picture this,” said Tim Choate, CEO of RedAwning. “You automatically send all your personalized messages to each guest via their communications method of choice, automatically set and deliver your door codes, and then you automatically turn up the heat 6 hours before check in and turn it down 2 hours after checkout, so the house will be warm and you save energy.  Maybe you also have a hot tub so you automatically turn that up, or maybe you have a pool and the guest opted to pay a fee for pool heating, so you turn up the heat automatically and automatically bill the guest too. We are literally seeking to make high quality hosting and guest experience just as easy as our marketing and distribution solutions, and fully integrated at no added cost into our hosting platform.”

Superhosts interested in partnering with RedAwning or seeing a demo of our complete offerings can visit


RedAwning to Debut as an Accommodation Provider for Homes & Hideaways by World of Hyatt

October 31, 2023 - 

RedAwning is excited to announce a collaboration with Homes & Hideaways by World of Hyatt.

Launched on October 19, Homes & Hideaways by World of Hyatt offers World of Hyatt members access to a curated collection of homes and condos, including thousands of properties from RedAwning.  
Hyatt’s launch of Homes & Hideaways by World of Hyatt comes as the travel industry as a whole continues to offer travelers stay options in addition to traditional hotels. With this new platform, Hyatt looks to reinforce its commitment to providing for the travel needs of each guest, and RedAwning is excited to play a role in achieving that.

“RedAwning has always been committed to presenting our properties to as many travelers as possible. We firmly believe that this strategy offers the best experience for the owner / manager, as well as the guest,” remarked Tim Choate, CEO, RedAwning. “The collaboration with Hyatt
will enable more guests to find the unique accommodations they are looking for while still
offering them the booking experience through a brand they know and trust. We are very honored to be a part of that.”

RedAwning’s extensive collection of properties as well as unique experience in distribution relationships should make for a smooth onboarding experience for both the Hyatt team as well as the individual hosts and property managers launching with Homes & Hideaways by World of
Hyatt.  Vacation rental hosts, property managers, boutique inns, independent resorts, and other hospitality providers interested in partnering with RedAwning or exploring the criteria for inclusion with Homes & Hideaways by World of Hyatt can find out more at: 
The term "Hyatt" is used in this release for convenience to refer to Hyatt Hotels Corporation and/or one or more of its affiliates.


RedAwning Releases Integrated Smart Communications HubTM to Enable Simplified Guest Communication Across All Channels and Devices

July 17, 2023 - 

RedAwning, the only one-stop, complete platform for short-term rental success, is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking Smart Communications Hub. Designed to facilitate seamless and efficient communication between hosts and guests, the Smart Communications Hub leverages advanced APIs and a centralized routing infrastructure to deliver messages directly into the guest inboxes of popular platforms such as Airbnb,, Vrbo, and more. Additionally, hosts have the flexibility to utilize their preferred communication solutions, including email, text, the RedAwning Portal, and any email-based Property Management System (PMS) or platform.

A standout feature of the Smart Communications Hub is its robust threaded messaging system, allowing hosts to effortlessly track the complete communications history with each guest. To further enhance efficiency, the Communications Hub offers both preset and customizable automated messaging options triggered by key events such as new reservations, check-in dates, check-in times, and check-out dates. In the near future, the Smart Communications Hub will integrate with AI-based tools to provide suggested replies to guest communications.

Moreover, the Smart Communications Hub seamlessly accommodates integrated messaging from the RedAwning Guest Services team, catering to clients who prefer partial or complete communications management by RedAwning as part of their partnership.

"Our new Smart Communications Hub arrives just in time for Airbnb's phased transition away from email communications while also preparing for the likelihood of other channels following suit," emphasized Tim Choate, CEO of "At RedAwning, we are dedicated to showcasing every property to every guest, and this exceptional product offering empowers property owners and managers to achieve that goal without ever having to log in to individual channels for communication. As an owner myself and a beta user of this platform, I can confidently affirm that this tool is a game changer for efficient and high-quality guest communications."

The Smart Communications Hub is now available at no charge to property owner clients of RedAwning, as well as Property Manager clients who partner with RedAwning across the four primary vacation rental marketing channels: Airbnb, Vrbo,, and Expedia.

Lance Nelson, CTO of RedAwning, emphasized the evolution of the RedAwning Portal, stating, "The RedAwning Portal has become a centralized channel management tool for our hosts. Initially conceived as a system to efficiently build, connect, and optimize property listings, pricing, and calendars across major channels, it has now expanded to include comprehensive payments management and trust accounting across all platforms. The Smart Communications Hub introduces an entirely new platform within the same framework, simplifying and optimizing communication between guests and hosts across all channels and devices."


RedAwning Adds Stay App to its Expanding Channel Network

June 15, 2023 - 

RedAwning, the one stop, complete platform for short term rental success is pleased to announce it has expanded its offerings to a new partner, Stay Inc.

Stay is a short-term rental marketplace that connects travelers with high-quality, professionally managed vacation rentals around the world. With a focus on user experience and affordability, Stay has quickly become a go-to choice for travelers seeking a more personalized and cost-effective alternative to traditional hotel stays.  This partnership will allow RedAwning’s inventory to be instantly bookable by Stay’s 18,000+ registered travelers. 

"RedAwning's goal has always been to put every property in front of every guest,”  stated Tim Choate, CEO of  “Stay has an amazing network of loyal travelers who already know and trust the app, and RedAwning offers over 25,000 properties in every major North American destination, so it was an obvious choice for a partnership” 

When asked about the partnership Scott McGillivray, co-founder of Stay added: “We are excited to be partnering with RedAwning, whose innovative platform aligns perfectly with our mission of providing exceptional and professional rental experiences to travelers throughout North America. Together, we will continue to set the standard for quality and service in the short-term rental industry.”

Vacation rental hosts and managers interested in working with RedAwning and having their properties appear on Stay can find additional information at or by contacting a sales representative. 


RedAwning Announces New Preferred PMS Partner Program to Provide Full Featured Property Management Systems to its Exclusive Clients at No Added Cost

May 4, 2023 - 

RedAwning, the leading marketing, distribution, reservations, and hospitality platform for vacation rental hosts, is pleased to announce it has extended its industry leading platform to include complimentary PMS solutions for exclusive partners.  Through this program, property managers and owners working with Preferred PMS partners will get their PMS expenses paid for by RedAwning, in addition to all of the benefits of complete distribution, revenue management, dynamic pricing, HD photography, listing optimization, 24x7 customer service and more included in RedAwning’s Complete Platform.

RedAwning also announced Hostfully as its first Preferred PMS Partner. Hostfully offers a complete suite of property management software solutions for both property managers and individual hosts, and is also recognized for its integrated digital guidebooks.   

"We already provide industry leading results, and have found many of our property manager partners need a powerful PMS to help them manage all of the guest stays we deliver for them.  To continue to expand on our one stop comprehensive platform solution, we decided to partner with the best PMS software providers enabling our exclusive property managers to run their businesses more efficiently at no added cost to them," said Tim Choate, CEO of "Hostfully was at the top of our list of ideal partners working with thousands of small to mid-sized property managers who will benefit tremendously from our comprehensive approach."

"When RedAwning approached us about this partnership at the end of 2022, we were excited to collaborate," said David Jacoby, Hostfully’s President. "This partnership enables Hostfully to expand its own offerings to include a full service solution to hosts, alongside our self-service options.  We’ve been impressed already with what RedAwning can do for our mutual clients.”

Vacation rental hosts and managers interested in participating in this program can find additional information at or by contacting their Hostfully Sales Representative.

Property Management Software providers interested in participating in the RedAwning Preferred PMS Partner program, and property managers who want RedAwning to sign up their own favorite PMS for this program, should reach out to Barbara Kendrick at and can find additional information at


RedAwning Announces the Acquisition of Lexicon Travel Technologies

November 17, 2022 - 

RedAwning, the only complete marketing, distribution, reservations and hospitality platform for property managers in North America, today announced the acquisition of the business and client base of Lexicon Travel Technologies, the best performing channel manager in the US.

All of Lexicon’s clients and partners are being offered the opportunity to join RedAwning’s robust and comprehensive platform, expanding their distribution reach and benefiting from additional marketing and management services, while maintaining the foundation of great service that Lexicon has built.

“We are delighted to join forces with the impressive team at Lexicon and expand our platform to hundreds of new clients with thousands of properties,” said Tim Choate, CEO of  “The transitions will be seamless for all of our new clients, as RedAwning already supports all of the same PMS platforms as Lexicon and all of the channels too, as well as many more for Lexicon clients to join.”

“After we made the decision to sell our business, we looked for a company that would create true synergies with our existing value proposition,” said Joel Inman, CEO and Founder of Lexicon.  “As I got to know the RedAwning platform, I realized they have already solved many of the technical challenges Lexicon has been facing.   RedAwning brings true technology and automation to channel management that delivers value through higher conversion with essentially zero manual work.”

RedAwning’s comprehensive platform approach to channels vastly outperforms traditional channel management approaches due to RedAwning’s focus on what happens after connectivity to improve actual performance of property listings in each channel.   From copy and policy optimization to revenue management to declined credit card handling and instant automatic publishing on all channels, RedAwning’s platform offers a more powerful and much more efficient model for property managers of all sizes to succeed everywhere guests shop for travel.

 “One of our exciting discoveries with the team at Lexicon is that RedAwning outperforms the bookings per client across thousands of listings on each channel by an average of 37% as compared to Lexicon’s strong clients doing all of the work themselves.  We truly offer much more revenue for much less work, and this data is proof of our impact,” said Tim Choate, CEO of

Most of Lexicon’s top clients have already agreed to join RedAwning in this transition and the company seeks to offer a seamless transition to more revenue with less work to all of the remaining clients, too.

To learn more about RedAwning’s industry-leading hospitality and reservations platform, visit

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